Alternative Conflict Solution

We lead ideas to build solutions through ALTERNATIVE CONFLICT SOLUTION METHODS. Those are additional, effective, rapid and economic ways to solve business and family arguments through Direct Negotiation, Conciliation, Amicable Agreement and Arbitration.

We represent your interests, we deeply prepare the negotiation strategy and we sit down with the counterparty in order to achieve a short-term satisfactory agreement, avoiding costs overruns and conflict extension. Fees are contracted on timing and results basis.

Conciliation:  “It  is a voluntary conflict solution proceeding, through the proactive intervention of a qualified, objective and impartial professional as third party, in which the involved parties look for obtaining an equitable and just agreement through a respectful discussion, helping its enhancement, a better interrelationship and the partnership’s strengthen, in general”. (Practice Mediation Political Manual Ed. Legis 2009).
Pursuing Law 640 of 2001 and other concurrent legislation, the convoker may request the appointment of a conciliator to his/her preferred Conciliation Center. Accordingly, Mr. José Octavio Zuluaga R., leader in this field, with 16 years of experience, may act as a neutral third party to solve conflicts.

Work sketch: The Conciliation Request is submitted (sample) directly to the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce Conciliation Center as well as to the Architects Colombian Society, where the fees should be paid.  The conciliator coordinates the summons, the date and the place where the hearing will take place. The fees are regulated by Decree 1829 of 2013.

“Arbitration is an alternative conflict solution mechanism through which parties defer to arbitrators a conflict solution related to free disposal matters or to those legally authorized”. (Article 1st of Law 1563 of 2012).
We represent your interests to act as attorneys before the Bogota Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Courts and others. Furthermore, Mr. José Octavio Zuluaga R. may be appointed as Arbitrator, as he belongs to the A List of such Arbitration Center, as well as to other national and foreign centers. Fees covenant is made on the basis of management and results.