Guillermo Romero Ocampo

Criminal Law

He is a lawyer, graduated in 1985 at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Bogotá.  Since then, he has exercised his profession on an independent basis, specifically in the field of Corporate Criminal Law. He is a cofounder, in 1995, of the firm RSG & Associated Lawyers. He has oriented the exercise of the Criminal Law in the legal and judicial advising and assistance to public and private institutions, mainly regarding Banking Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Business Fraud, Fraud Prevention and State Corruption, and their executives’ legal defense, as well. Within this professional approach, he has been member of the several companies’ Board of Directors.

For more than 28 years of professional contest, he has spread his experience to manage contractual and non-contractual liability issues resulting from offenses and representing victims in cases of national connotation, as well.