Nicolás González Ramírez

Criminal Law

He is a lawyer, graduated in 2002, with specialized academic training at Universidad Externado de Colombia and Universidad de La Sabana, and he is a Specialist in Criminal, Mining, Energetic and Hydrocarbon Law.

For more than 15 years he has exercised his profession before the Colombian Criminal Jurisdiction, exercising the legal representation of Victims, and the technical defense of executives and representatives from the different sectors of the National Economy.

In his capacity of litigant and consultant, at present, he is participating in the definition of strategies of prosecution and defense on criminal matters on the development of National investment and infrastructure, mainly on investigations of offences against Environment, as well as against the economic and social order.  Within his advising activity, he gives continuous determination and tracking services to control policies and prosecution of internal corporate fraud committed by private corruption, and related crimes, as well.