Panaiota Bourdoumis Rosselli

Family Law

She is a lawyer, graduated in 1987 at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Bogotá, with specialization in Family Law. Her experience is materialized, not only on the field of litigation before the Family Judges, ICBF (Colombian Institute of Family Welfare) Family Commissariats and related institutions but also in direct and personalized advisory services aimed at conflict solution through direct dialogue,  negotiation and conciliation.

She used to perform the duties of ICBF Family Defender in association with the firm of attorneys RIVERA AND GALLON, and to give assistance to the Centro Pastoral Familiar para America Latina – CENPAFAL (Spanish initials of Latin American Pastoral Family Center); she is co-founder of the firm RSG & Abogados Asociados, in 1995, and she has performed the teaching activity on Family Law at the School of Law of the  Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Bogotá, as well as on Family Legislation at the School of Social Work at the Universidad Monserrate.

Her practice is materialized in Marital Property, Inheritance, Capitulations, Dissolution and settlement of Conjugal Community or Marital Partnership, Marriage, De facto Marital Union Declaration, Cessation of Civil Effects of Catholic Marriage, Divorce, Nullity, Legal Separation and/or Division of Joint Property, Managing Inheritances, Custody, Alimony, Visits, Adoptions, Interdictions, Inability on Relative Mental Disability, Legal Permits,  Legal Guardianships, Solemn Inventory, Restoring of Children’s Rights and Domestic Violence, among others.